Miranda Kerr Twitter Hot Shot – ‘Selfie’ or Not?

Miranda Kerr at Hamilton IslandMiranda Kerr – beautiful woman, beautiful shot. But is this image from Hamilton Island self-taken? Tourism Queensland thinks it is and has based a release on ‘smoasting’ (social media boasting) around it. But evidence suggests Kerr did not take the shot, which was Tweeted to her 1.1m followers. Apart from the high quality, there’s no extended arm holding the camera while the Twitter caption reads: ‘KORA Organics tinted day cream and Kailis pearls @hamiltonisland’. Looks like a product plug to me with the shot taken by a pro. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Miranda Kerr Twitter Hot Shot – ‘Selfie’ or Not?”

  1. Patently a pro product shot. If not, we are being asked to believe:
    1. she wears expensive pearls when swimming
    2. she lugged a tripod onto the beach
    3. she’s capable of setting up the perfect exposure, including infill lighting etc
    4. she did all this just for a “spontaneous” smoaster shot?

    Tell TQ they’re dreaming!

  2. People always have something bad to say about Miranda Kerr, they are the haters of this world, this twitter photo is not professionally taken, it is a self pic from Miranda without a doubt.

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