Mobile technology and uptake will be the fundamental driver of the digital economy over the next few years, according to Megan Bownlow, Executive Director of Media and Entertainment at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. “Tablets are the fastest growing device to be ever launched in this market,” she says.


Brownlow estimates 33% of Australian households will have a tablet by 2015 while the figure for smart phones at that time will be 88%.

But what will people pay for?

Convenience (“incredibly important”), Experience, Quality, Participation and Privilege.

“People do recognise quality and are willing to pay for it,” she says. 

However, Brownlow warns against overly bullish expectations because “fragmentation is going to kill the volume story.”

In conclusion Brownlow says there are five “imperatives for future success”.

They are Data Mining, Data Security, Future Proofing Content, Effectively Managing End To End Workflow and Digital Talent Management.

“The cost of doing things efficienctly is vital for successful digital companies,” she says.

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