Well, Google’s forecast mobile apocalypse has been and gone and nothing much has changed. “It was much ado about nothing really!” said search marketing expert Mark Baartse.

You may recall that Google recently changed the way it ranked sites when viewed on mobile devices based on their speed and usability.

The changes – flagged in February, implemented late April – were quickly dubbed ‘mobilegeddon’ by the tech media.

More like ‘same same but different’.

Indeed, the lack of impact is reminiscent of Y2K.

Remember that?

The so-called millennium bug which was supposed to decimate computers at the start of 2000 but never did.

The world kept turning.

As for mobilegeddon, “A few sites were hit but best we can tell the vast majority were untouched,” said Mr Baartse, Director of Consulting at First.

“I do expect they will crank up the importance of it over time.

“For example, they rolled out site speed as a ranking factor several years ago.

“At first it was a pretty small factor and only affected the slowest of sites.

“These days it’s a substantial factor to the point it’s hard to be #1 with a slow site.

“I would expect a similar thing happens with mobile, where they crank it up over time.”

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