The new census reveals that the “typical” Australian is an English speaking 38-year-old mother with two kids, a husband, a three bedroom house in the suburbs and a mortgage. Meanwhile at the Mumbrella Travel Marketing Summit last week a panel agreed that mums are the major holiday decision makers.

So put two and two together and it’s obvious who travel marketers with broad-based products should be targeting. However, they need to be careful and understand not all mums are the same.

Katrina McCarter

Katrina McCarter

Katrina McCarter, author of Marketing to Mums, says it would be a mistake to treat mothers as an homogeneous group.

She says that “mums want to hear from influential mums”and sees “Facebook Groups as being a significant opportunity”for marketers.

In an interesting aside, McCarter warned that the fastest way to put Millennial mums offside is to denigrate their partner.

Fellow panellists Kaye Fallick, Publisher Your Life Choices, and Kirsty Bloore, Senior Director – Research, Viacom, also agreed that mothers are the main decision makers followed by the kids and then dad.

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