After years of blood, sweat and tears, Qantas and Amadeus say they have finally cracked what some would consider to be the Holy Grail of online booking engines – giving consumers a fully-flexible  multi-sector booking tool, which has just launched on In the past customers searching for multi-city trips would be presented with a ‘like it or lump it’ set itinerary and price. “Now we are giving all options per sector – it’s a world first,” says John Lonergan, Head of 

He says there are numerous benefits to the new system, developed in reponse to increasingly sophisticated web consumers. “We got customers who were frustrated they weren’t able to pick and choose – now they can,” says Lonergan, who says no other airline or travel agent website has a multi-city system anywhere near as good. Qantas has a licencing agreement with Amadeus to use the technology, which it is expected to market to other airlines such as Lufthansa, Iberia and BA through the Altea platform.

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