Spending by Chinese tourists in Australia could hit AUD13 billion by 2020 – almost three times its present level – as Tourism Australia pursues a strategy of “aggressively targeting the fast growing, affluent middle classes in the country’s largest cities”.

“The Chinese visitor we’re going after is a more confident, independent-minded traveller, wishing to travel further and immerse themselves more deeply in the many rich and varied experiences available across our country,” said Tourism Australia Managing Director, John O’Sullivan.

“We are already seeing positive signs of a change in the visitor mix from China … seeing a big shift away from lower yielding group travel .”

This has encouraged TA to boost its Chinese spending estimate from AUD9 billion to AUD13 billion.

China is Australia’s fastest growing and most valuable inbound tourism market, with 709,300 Chinese visitor arrivals in 2013 (up 14.5% on 2012) spending approximately AUD4.7 billion.

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