Chinese tourist, looking at mapExperience Oz this week made a big bet on the world’s fastest-growing tourism market by launching a dedicated Chinese language site that will ultimately feature more than 2000 fully bookable Australian tours, activities and experiences.

Director Ben Manns said 1000 Chinese language product pages had been created so far and that 115 bookings had been received since the site went live a several days ago.

“It’s been good so far and hopefully this site will open up a new market for us,”  he said. Mr Manns said while virtually every tourist operator is talking about China, few were actually taking online action.

And those that have rarely if ever make their product bookable. “We’re looking for a first-mover advantage and are targetting younger Chinese tourists that aren’t interested in going with a group.

“At the moment there aren’t a lot of tourism booking options for them.” He said the site, which took 18 months to plans and develop, has also been optimised for mobile devices.

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