Travel networking app Travello has launched a new ‘groups’ feature and signed partnership agreements with several leading Australian travel companies including Student Flights and YHA Australia.

“The release of the ‘Groups’ functionality will allow users to meet like-minded people before they set off on their adventures,” says Travello co-founder Ryan Hanly.

Our partners can then curate travel services for an individual user and also link people with others who are using the same accommodation and services.”

Hanly says Travello has decided not to offer the app as a white label solution for its partner brands.

“Despite every partner asking if we can white-label – we have said no and all will come in under the broader Travello brand – as ‘Groups’ or sub-communities within the wider Travello community,” says Hanly.

“Travello will form part of each company’s customer journey, for example part of their Point of Sale,  online booking or post booking confirmation.

“This will assist them in driving sign-ups.

He says Travello, which raised $1.25 million in funding last August, is now working on more new features.

“We are in the first stage of building out a number of features in Travello including targeted deals and a partner messaging communication platform.”

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