David Freuden back in the day - Thredbo

David Freuden back in the day – Thredbo

Entrepreneur and former pro skier David Freuden has launched a new site enabling skiers and boarders to search for their ideal resort based based on terrain, vertical drop and accommodation.

Featuring 2400 resorts in 56 countries, Freuden says he decided to develop Snowcomparison.com  after a trip to Europe last year.

“I was in Prague and wanted to ski some of the intrepid Eastern and Central European resorts but I could only speak English” says Freuden.

“So when a local did give me recommendations I was unable to pronounce, remember or spell the resort name.

“I realised what I wanted was a search engine that allowed me to find the resort right for my style of skiing in a geographical location I would be in. Thus Snowcomparison.com was born.”

Freuden has been involved in the snow industry all his life and is a former investor in Skeena Heli Skiing Canada.

Revenue will be generated through an accommodation affiliate arrangement with the Priceline Group.

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