Intrepid Travel Digital Detox

Hats off to Intrepid Travel, the latest travel company to board the ‘digital detox’ bandwagon, a concept it’s now marketing the hell out of …. through digital and social media.

Of course they are, that’s the whole point of the new product which offer the perfect marketing hook tailor-made for the media-saturated age in which we live.

The strategy is akin to marketing diet programs through food media.

It’s also a great example (though a little cynical perhaps) of why more travel companies should listen to their marketing departments, because surely this where digital detox was born.

Intrepid launched the trips in the US last week, though oddly the Australian media were only told about it this week.

(It’s a global world guys, you can’t do that any more, check out the TV industry)

All guests on the four anointed group tours must sign a pledge not to use any digital device during the trip.

Even cameras, which have been around for 200 years, are banned.

The company says the “new trips were inspired by a survey of 1500 American travellers, which revealed that 50% will spend more than one hour searching for WiFi on holiday and 47% say they cannot go on holiday without their mobile.”

Really, the idea for the trips came after the survey and not the other way around?

Hmmm, some will have doubts on that because the media-friendly survey is what you do after coming up with the idea.

That way you can justify it while the results will inevitably add flesh to what could have been a flimsy release.

Whatever the truth, there’s no denying it’s a good stunt, text book really.

No extra cost to the company, just re-badge some existing trips, and get some great publicity as a result.

Through digital media of course. And that’s not ironic. Not at all.

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