clive palmer father christmasTalk about a fall from grace. The Australian is reporting today that just a single guest was in residence last night at the 263 room Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast, one of Australia’s leading resorts when it was the Hyatt.

How things have changed since controversial businessman and politician Clive Palmer, who leads the Palmer United Party and holds the balance of power in the Australian Parliament, bought the place in 2011.

There have been constant reports of low staff morale, poor service and deteriorating facilities.

Here is a sample of recent reviews on, where it has a rating of 6.3.

“The place is a complete joke. It is over priced, under staffed, it ruined our New Year! I will never set foot in the place again and I will be going out of my way to ensure that no-one else goes there either.”

Rooms & balcony not clean on arrival and throughout stay, shuttle buses inefficient, some arrogant staff, unacceptably low level of service, invisible management & leadership, poor value for money… will never go back!”

“Absolutely nothing good about this hotel. i have never stayed in a hotel where i can’t compliment them on something.”

“For those that knew the resort as the Hyatt, as the Palmer the disappointments are endless. some pools unserviceable, no service at the beach club continuous loop of the “palmer channel” etc etc. one can’t help but laugh especially at trying to charge $60 per adult ($175 per Family) to walk amongst some dinosaurs in a specially fenced off area and vintage cars in a semi permanent tent. a 3.5 star experience. Keep your expectation low and you won’t be disappointed.”

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