Booking lead times contracting, domestic travel up, more one-way flights being booked as people return home for extended periods or want to escape a bad situation. 

These are  the three major aviation trends revealed in a new report – A New World of Travel – released by Skyscanner this week.

“Global searches for one-way travel peaked in March but continue to trend upward, with the share of searches in August growing by 11 percent compared to 2019,”the company said.

“Last month the share of searches for domestic travel increased (13%) globally against a backdrop of changing travel restrictions.

And amid ongoing uncertainty, travellers are looking to get away in much shorter timeframes with booking windows of under one week more popular this year than ever before (12% increase in share of searches compared to 2019). 

 Other findings include:

  • 24% of Europeans believe it is safe to travel internationally now, compared to 21% of travellers in the Americas and 10% in Asia-Pacific.
  • Low Cost Carriers will recover faster than full-service carriers CCs will have the fastest route to recovery, owing to their business operations and point to point models.
  • The decline in business travel revenues for full-service carriers points to an uncertain future for this fare class and a need for innovation. 
  • Sustainable travel concerns are no longer top of mind for many travellers.
  • Demand will recover slowly and will not exceed 2019 levels until 2024 in most destinations.
  • Male travellers are more likely to book than female (54%) and those with children are more likely to book than those without (55%) according to Skyscanner’s Covid-19 traveller sentiment data. 

Download: New World of Travel Report.


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