Online Bookings Dominate Holiday House Sector Says Stayz

There’s been a sharp rise in online bookings for the holiday house sector in the past year, according to a survey of 1000 property owners by Nielsen on behalf of The Stayz Group. The survey estimates 77% of all holiday house bookings are now made online while “traditional telephone bookings” have fallen to 6%. Mobile technology is also playing a greater role with an increase in bookings off a low base.

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One thought on “Online Bookings Dominate Holiday House Sector Says Stayz”

  1. One of the reasons properties on Stayz record such a high rate of online bookings and extremely low number of telephone bookings is that if you see a property you’d like to stay at on Stayz, you can’t pick up the phone and call the owner instantly. This is because no phone number is displayed in the property’s listing and no link is provided to their website if they have one. You then have to fill in the enquiry form on the Stayz website to make contact with the owner to begin with, so those property owners surveyed classify most things as an online booking, even if they then talk to the potential guests on the phone later on.

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