Suguru Tomizuka

Suguru Tomizuka

There’s been lots of press recently on poor travel figures out of Japan, one of the world’s key markets. But clearly the online market in the Land of the Rising Sun is another story altogether.

Rakuten Travel boss Masashi Okatake said his company sells 2.6m room nights a month and is the online market leader, part of Japan’s largest online group, which has 56m members – some kind of database.

Impressive stats also from Suguru Tomizuka, President, Recruit Co Ltd: ad model, 4.57m unique visitors during July – 60,000 reservations a day, 20% of bookings made through one of its sites,, facilitated by mobile devices.

Tweeter Willy Foo wrote of Mr Tomizuka: “He’s so thoughtfully comical”. A good description of his translated presentation and answers.

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