Online Travel Agents More Expensive Than Supplier Direct

Book with the supplier direct if you want the best rate for either airfares or accommodation – you could save a lot of money. Huge differences also between the prices charged by Online Travel Agents. These are the major findings from a brief pricing survey conducted by today of online retailers Jetabroad, Agoda, Webjet, Zuji and Expedia – comparing the rates they offered to Raffles Hotel Singapore and Thai Airways.

Hotel Survey Results: Raffles Hotel Singapore – one night accomodation in a state room for November  10, 2011.

  • = S$753.28 for ‘state room’ including taxes and fees
  • = S$812 for ‘state room’ including taxes and fees
  • = S$799.67 for ‘state room’ including taxes and fees
  • = is not selling the ‘state room’ but is charging S$960 for ‘courtyard suite’ which can be obtained for S$870 on
  • = not selling ‘state room’ but retailing ‘courtyard suite’ at S$753.28 including taxes and fees

Airfare Survey Results: Thai Aiways Sydney-Bangkok return departing December 3 on TG472 returning December 11 on TG471.

  • = A$1151.46 including taxes and fees
  • =  A$1220.46 including taxes and fees
  • = A$1260.36 including taxes and fees
  • = A1211.24 including taxes and fees
  • = A$1159.39 including taxes and fees

This survey was conducted between 9am and 11am AEST on Nov 3, 2011.

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5 thoughts on “Online Travel Agents More Expensive Than Supplier Direct”

  1. To compare the price of one hotel only or one airfaire and to jump to the conclusion that OTA are more expensive is absolutely ridiculous and statistically irrelevant!

  2. Martin, 1 hotel on 1 day doesn’t show enough evidence to warrant a story of this exposure. I’m sure both medians have their time in the sun and both medians have a place in the market place. If i gave you 1 example of a hotel being more expensive, and an OTA being cheaper does that warrant a new story?
    I booked a flight to New Zealand online using an OTA last year and it was $25 cheaper then Qantas online… it happens both ways.

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