India will be the fastest-growing online travel market among the world’s leading emerging economies over the next five years, according to a study by eMarketer. But it will still dramatically lag China in terms of dollars spent.  The study predicts India’s web travel bookings will grow 30% a year between now and 2016, followed by South Korea (20%), Brazil (18%), China (14%), Russia (10%).

The more mature online travel markets of Australia and the United States will grow at around 7% each year. The eMarketer research focuses on the so-called BRIC markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

“Online travel sales in these countries anchor an overall shift from offline to online purchasing among consumers in their respective markets,” eMarketer says. “Still, while Brazil, Russia, India and China have been rendered inseparable by their ubiquitous acronym, there’s a distinct difference in volume of online travel sales across these countries, underscored by marked variations in consumer behavior.

“Among the pronounced trends differentiating the countries:

  • “In Brazil, there is a narrow choice of travel products, which has limited consumers to primarily domestic travel.
  • “Russia has by far the lowest online travel sales of the emerging countries, despite high GDP. But consumers there do overindex as avid internet travel researchers.
  • “In India, consumers have been slow to adopt ecommerce generally, but travel is the exception. Online travel purchasing makes up more than three-quarters of overall ecommerce sales in India.

“The number of online travel bookers in China still pales in comparison to the number of overall ecommerce buyers. But at $48 billion, according to eMarketer estimates, consumers in China will spend more on online travel in 2016 than the rest of BRIC combined.”

Chart - emarketer, BRIC Travel markets  2012-2016

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