Webjet always makes a big deal about management news. For example last Friday it announced that MD John Guscic has signed up for another three years on very lucrative terms. It also recently announced that CFO Rob Turner had quit for personal reasons, hard on the heels of David Allen, CEO Australia and NZ, suddenly leaving the company. But there was no announcement about Mr Allen’s departure.

Strange, because his arrival in late May merited a press release. Perhaps it was because he only stayed six weeks in the job. Not long at all.

What would cause someone to leave so quickly – did he resign or was he pushed?

We’ll probably never know because there’s a legal agreement in place and no-one is saying anything. For once.

Mr Allen has been quietly replaced by long-time Webjet staffer David Galt.

Meanwhile, there’s informed travel industry speculation that Webjet is looking at another acquisition following its problematic purchase of Zuji earlier this year.

Hard to believe that is true given the challenges Webjet continues to face with Zuji, which has cost  its new parent company$7 million since the acquisition completed in late March.

But you never know.

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