Peter Hook

Accor’s long-term Australian PR boss Peter Hook (pictured) has left the company on his own terms after causing controversy by posting reviews of Accor properties on TripAdvisor. Mr Hook still stands by the reviews he wrote, all of which he said were genuine. “It’s a pity that the initial reports decided to try and sensationalise the issue without trying to discover the real facts. There have been used like “fake” when even the most basic of analysis would show that wasn’t the case.

“To set the record straight – as there was considerable inaccurate material written about the case – of the 106 reviews, over 70% were about restaurants, wineries, destinations and non-hotel subjects. The small number of hotel reviews were all based on personal experiences of the product – in other words, there wasn’t a “fake” review among them – and were largely complimentary of both Accor and the few non-Accor hotels reviewed.

“It was a hobby, nothing more, but in hindsight – and don’t we love hindsight! – I shouldn’t have included hotel reviews. Mea culpa.

“Since then I have had very positive discussions with my Accor managers, who have been extremely sympathetic. However, given the various factors involved and the demands that are required with sorting out my mother’s situation, I thought it was time to pull up stumps at Accor – after 18 really satisfying years – and chart a new course.”

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