Qantas Profits to Go Up In, Er, Carbon Smoke

Qantas has entered the carbon tax debate (debacle?) here in Australia, estimating the new government impost will cost it between $110m to $130m during the 2012/13 financial year, forcing it to increase domestic airfares by an average of $3.50. The Australian Government yesterday said it will slug ‘major emitters’ such as domestic airlines (international services are excluded) $23 for each tonne of carbon they discharge when the tax comes into effect from July 1, 2012. This only the start of what certain to be a long, convoluted argument.

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One thought on “Qantas Profits to Go Up In, Er, Carbon Smoke”

  1. The carbon tax is going to hit businesses very hard, and not really impact on the global warming problem. There needs to be a better solution to the problem of global warming that will not cost businesses and consumers so much money.

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