Qantas has overhauled its media brands, led by the replacement of long-term in-flight mag The Australian Way with Travel Insider, which it says will take more of a ‘news stand’ approach.

It’s also revamped the Travel Insider website, including 1000 new pieces of content, and will launch a new app on July 6.

Travel Insider editor Kirtsy Galliott told The Australian: “The magazine hadn’t changed a lot over the years but media and how commission and amplify content has.

“I’m not just a magazine editor any more, there’s the app, social media, the website.

“We’ll be the first in the world to submit an app on Adobe Publish. It will allow us to update everything as we go. You don’t have to download it.”

Travel Insider reaches an audience of 2.3m passengers a month.

Ms Gailliott works for Medium Rare Content, a content marketing company that won the Qantas custom publishing contract in March.

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