Qantas Staff Bonus, Travelport Re-signs Flighties

Qantas Group today announced it will pay a 5% salary bonus to 28,000 employees covered by an 18 month wage freeze after the release of its annual results in late August.

“The rapid turnaround of the Qantas Group has only  been made possible through the dedication and hard work of all our people,” CEO Alan Joyce commented.

“Our ability to make these bonus payments reflects a bright future for the Qantas Group,” he added.

The bonus is expected to cost $90m.

Meanwhile,  Travelport has announced a new agreement with the Flight Centre travel agency group as one of their global distribution system providers.

“The new deal represents a continuation of the relationship between the two organisations that spans more than two decades,” Travelport said in a brief statement.

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One thought on “Qantas Staff Bonus, Travelport Re-signs Flighties”

  1. All those world’s highest fees and charges against their most loyal passengers, it’s a joke. The bad service, the reduced staff, the long wait times when ever you call. And they reward this? What a joke. The stewardesses with attitude, the dirty aircraft, the old aircraft and they reward that? What a joke. Sadly I still have ff miles to use before I rid myself of this insidious airline. And now to hear they reward their staff for this? What a joke. I just wish the airline had gone broke a few years ago and we could all get on with traveling on the fine middle eastern carriers and the wonderful asian carriers. Anyone but dirty, old OF.

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