World Nomads screen grabStart with the phone and take it from there. That’s the major design revelation for World Nomads Director, Simon Monk, who has just overseen the migration of his company’s website to a new flexible tech platform. Oh, and test, test, test.

“The biggest single insight which took us a few goes: start with the phone then add to it as you get larger,” he said.

“The tendency is to do the opposite; start with the desktop and remove things.

“This forces you to be very succinct in content and function.

“The other major insight which required lots of AB testing was how ‘fragile’ the purchase path could be.

“Even tiny almost insignificant tweaks and changes could swing the  performance efficiency by 20%.

“You’d think one button against a typing field would not make such a difference but we were astonished at the swings.

“World Nomads has been working toward the new platform for many years – “the best things in life don’t come easy” – and finally completed the transition on Tuesday.

The site was down for six hours during the migration “because we had to migrate all legacy members to the new platform and also test before releasing it.”

Monk said around 40% of all visits to the World Nomads site did so on mobile devices, the majority using phones.

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