Sydney Airport has tabled a radical proposal that would enable airlines to operate regional, domestic and international services from the same terminal.  At present services are split between separate international and domestic terminals 2km apart.

Sydney Airport wants to create two “alliance-based” capable of accommodating “the entire operations of one of our major domestic airlines and its international partners” by 2019.

Airport ceo Kerrie Mather said the vision is for current domestic terminals T2 and T3 to house the the Qantas Group, including Jetstar and partners, while the present international precinct, T1, would be the home of Virgin Australia and partners, in addition to other international airlines as at present.

While the proposal guaranteesongoing access by regional airlines to Sydney Airport, “the precinct from which domestic and regional carriers such as Tiger, Rex, AeroPelican and Brindabella will operate will be the subject of consultation”.

The proposal has received support from Qantas boss Alan Joyce and Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti.

Also included in the plan is “the construction of a new Qantas Engineering complex for line maintenance to support the airline’s current and future fleet, and a new Virgin Australia hangar for wide and narrow-body aircraft that will serve as a dedicated maintenance base in Sydney”.


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