Random Notes From TRAVELtech NZ and Pix

Here are some abstract notes from TRAVELtech NZ, held in chilly Auckland last week. Good day, some great presentations and plenty of enthusiasm from those present…

  • The NZ travel web is dominated by airlines with 52% share, according to Wlad Chagas of Experian Hitwise.
  • Did I say airlines? I mean Air New Zealand, which is omnipresent.
  • By way of contrast, in nearby Australia online retailers have a bigger web share than airlines.
  • Organic search dominates web traffic to travel sites.
  • Ergo, NZ travel search spend (and traffic) is much less than other markets.
  • Cruise is fastest-growing sector at 80% year on year but from a very low base.
  • Airbnb not in the Top 20 websites but growing really quick, as is Amoma, which was mentioned by a coupe of speakers.
  • According to Experian Hitwise the Top Ten OTA sites in NZ are:

1. TripAdvisor
2. Booking.com
3. Grabone Escape
4. Webjet
5. Expedia
6. House of Travel
7. Trivago
8. Holidayhouses.co.nz
9. Wotif
10. Flight Centre

  • Expedia says Wellington +97% and Christchurch +86% are the fastest-growing markets for mobile travel bookings.
  • Bookings from Aucklanders are growing at a more modest 54%.
  • Mobile – phones and tablets – now accounts for more than 26% of Expedia’s NZ bookings.
  • Tourism New Zealand is  spending 100% of its marketing budget on digital in all markets outside its biggest, Australia, where traditional media is still used.
  • Long-form video ads playing increasing role in TNZ’s digital strategy, says Marketing Director Andrew Fraser.
  • Dougal Mckenzie from Google says they are seeing a “massive increase in people desire to video and are very eager to share it.
  • In the US 30% of search is now voice…

Following are some images taken on the day….

TTNZ15 -Dougal Mckenzie from Google

TTNZ15 - Brewing Up The Cafe

TTNZ15 - conference room overview

TTNZ15 - Mingling

TTNZ15 - Martin at work between sessions

TTNZ15 - Morning coffee #2

TTNZ15 - hotel panel

TTNZ15 - Daniel Braid with friend


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