Here are some abstract notes from TRAVELtech NZ, held in chilly Auckland last week. Good day, some great presentations and plenty of enthusiasm from those present…

  • The NZ travel web is dominated by airlines with 52% share, according to Wlad Chagas of Experian Hitwise.
  • Did I say airlines? I mean Air New Zealand, which is omnipresent.
  • By way of contrast, in nearby Australia online retailers have a bigger web share than airlines.
  • Organic search dominates web traffic to travel sites.
  • Ergo, NZ travel search spend (and traffic) is much less than other markets.
  • Cruise is fastest-growing sector at 80% year on year but from a very low base.
  • Airbnb not in the Top 20 websites but growing really quick, as is Amoma, which was mentioned by a coupe of speakers.
  • According to Experian Hitwise the Top Ten OTA sites in NZ are:

1. TripAdvisor
3. Grabone Escape
4. Webjet
5. Expedia
6. House of Travel
7. Trivago
9. Wotif
10. Flight Centre

  • Expedia says Wellington +97% and Christchurch +86% are the fastest-growing markets for mobile travel bookings.
  • Bookings from Aucklanders are growing at a more modest 54%.
  • Mobile – phones and tablets – now accounts for more than 26% of Expedia’s NZ bookings.
  • Tourism New Zealand is  spending 100% of its marketing budget on digital in all markets outside its biggest, Australia, where traditional media is still used.
  • Long-form video ads playing increasing role in TNZ’s digital strategy, says Marketing Director Andrew Fraser.
  • Dougal Mckenzie from Google says they are seeing a “massive increase in people desire to video and are very eager to share it.
  • In the US 30% of search is now voice…

Following are some images taken on the day….

TTNZ15 -Dougal Mckenzie from Google

TTNZ15 - Brewing Up The Cafe

TTNZ15 - conference room overview

TTNZ15 - Mingling

TTNZ15 - Martin at work between sessions

TTNZ15 - Morning coffee #2

TTNZ15 - hotel panel

TTNZ15 - Daniel Braid with friend


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