Reading Between the Lines at Bali Safari and Marine Park

BALI Safari and Marine Park has embarked on a dangerous publicity strategy by offering journalists and bloggers a 10-day holiday for the best “positive published article” over the next six months. The “more articles you write the more chances you have to win,” its media blurb states. The strategy is dangerous because it seriously comprises anything written about the tourist attraction. It will also alienate serious travel media. You can understand the motivation, but this is not PR – it is bribery.

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One thought on “Reading Between the Lines at Bali Safari and Marine Park”

  1. Silly and stupid strategy of PR, I must say..

    It is also a big shame for journalistic world to attend this event. This is totally not a way to have a good reviews, this is only tells the world that this company pretty much never appreciate the critics and they won’t improve their quality….

    To be polite, maybe they are doing this with some young unexperienced staff (well they paid cheaper anyway) who never held some journalistic event before. Because this is a very unnecessary moves! either for marketing nor public relation!!

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