EVEN Hotel Auckland RenderEVEN is a wellness hotel brand (“home grown” by InterContinental Hotels Group) cloaked in buzzwords the way some women wear Lululemon.

Organic, fresh, aromatherapy… You get the picture.

Well the big news is that athleisure wearing travellers can now relax – EVEN is coming to Auckland, which, incidentally,  badly needs new hotels.

Right now Auckland has a lot of old properties and they are all full most of the time.

The EVEN Auckland is due to open in 2020. The owner, Pro-Invest Group, sees a great future for the brand and plans to open another 10-15 across Australasia.

The 200 room property is being built at the corner of Albert and Wyndham Street and, according to the PR, “will not only look different, but will also have a distinctive vibe.”

According to IHG, “The EVEN Hotels brand was home grown based on an understanding of the consumer shift toward holistic wellness – especially as it relates to travel.

“Best-in-class fitness facilities, in-room exercise zones and simple, fresh and organic foods are the cornerstones.

“Beyond food and exercise the brand offers initiatives that build on the bigger wellness picture, such as bedrooms with plush bedding, aromatherapy amenities, intended to encourage a good night’s sleepand lighting profiles that energise and relax.”,

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