chinese travellers, young and affluentChinese travellers are becoming richer, younger and more savvy, with half of them now booking or planning their trip on a mobile device, ditching traditional travel agents at an unprecedented rate.

The 4th annual Chinese Travel Monitor, launched today, reveals that the proportion of Chinese travellers using ‘traditional travel agents’ has plummeted from 34% to just 13%.

The report identified three main trends:

  1. Rise of the millennial traveller
  2. Strong growth in luxury traveller numbers
  3. Massive increase in digital technology to book, plan or share trips.

Aligned to this is the growing number of independent Chinese travellers as the outbound market grows at an astonishing rate.

By 2019, there’ll be a forecast 174m outbound Chinese travellers compared with 104m in 2014.

And much it will be driven by Millennials – those aged 25-34, who now comprise the biggest China travel cohort at 35%.

The report also reveals that the Chinese now rank among the world’s highest-spending tourists with dropping an average AUD678 per person per day in Australia during 2014.

That’s already very high but consider this – the top 5% spent AUD3368 a day, the top 10% AUD2225, and stayed between 6-9 days.

Huge money.

The top five destinations Chinese luxury travellers said they’d like to visit over the next 12 months are: Australia, France, US, Japan and Hong Kong.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll get there.

For example, the Chinese have been saying for years that Australia is the country they’d most like to visit but the reality is that it’s currently number #8 in actual trips.

Increasingly these trips are being booked online with Australian hoteliers reporting that 72% of bookings from Chinese travellers came via websites.

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