sari vahakoski amadeusSari Vähäkoski is Managing Director of Amadeus IT Pacific Pty Ltd, responsible for defining and implementing the Amadeus Group’s financial, commercial, sales, product and technical strategies in Australia.

Previously, Sari held the position of Director Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (CESE) and Middle East and Africa (MEA) where Sari was extensively involved in concluding a deal with the Arab Air Carriers Organisation (AACO) and in setting up the Regional MEA hub in Dubai.

During this period, she was responsible for the definition and implementation of Amadeus’ distribution policy and drove sales and expansion in the CESE and MEA Regions to achieve new revenue growth and profit targets from different business contributors. Sari worked closely with GCIS, Airline IT, and TBG as well as other departments during this time.

Sari has 22 years travel industry experience and, among other things, has worked in travel agencies and in Amadeus Finland. In Amadeus IT Group, she has 12 years experience in market management (market entry, growth and consolidation).

In her past roles in Amadeus, as Regional Market Manager for CESE and before that as Market Manager, Sari demonstrated she has a strategic mind with the ability to develop and execute plans with a focus on results showing a strong commitment to quality, customer service and people.

Sari holds a Master of Science Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. She speaks Finnish, English, German, Spanish and some Swedish.

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