Darrin Grafton

Serko CEO and co-founder Darrin Grafton today fulfilled a long-held ambition when his company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

The ASX listing supplements the travel technology company’s presence on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, where it has had a presence since 2014.

Grafton hailed the ASX listing as a “significant growth milestone. 

“Nearly 10% of Serko’s shareholder base is in Australia and being dual-listed will give us access to a larger pool of investors.”

He added: “The dual-listing also provides closer alignment between our capital markets profile and our principal partner and customer base, as more than 90% of Serko’s revenue comes from Australia, with more than 70% of the corporate travel market using our platform.

“We are confident of continued growth in this market and are also undertaking global expansion initiatives, starting with the US and UK, both huge addressable markets.”

Grafton said Serko’s primary listing and company headquarters will remain in New Zealand.

Serko provides corporate travel management software for 6,000+ corporate entities and more than 50 Travel Management Companies.

Its ASX ticker will be SKO.

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