Simon Monk World Nomads small

Traveller, entrepreneur and innovator, I have travelled to many parts of the world over the years, met some wonderful people.

Travel has substantially changed my life and I still try to travel extensively each year and stay in touch with people, places and points of view.

Many years online and e-commerce experience.

Not sure what my role is any more but I try to focus on people and ideas; looking over the horizon to where we might be in 3 – 5 years, making sure we have only the very best people in our business and help create a vibrant company culture that gets people excited.

Beliefs? “It’s not what you do it’s why you do it”.

Enjoy taking the harder road – never sure where it leads but hey, it’s interesting, inspiring and a lot of fun!

Personal mission: make a difference in this world through our Footprints Network.

Specialties: Back-of-envelope ROI, e-commerce, UX, Branding, philanthropy, social entrepreneurs, ideas, opportunities, the future.

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