Singapore tries to persuade Aussies it’s not boring by telling them to ‘Get lost’
The government of Singapore is fighting the city-state’s reputation for being a boring stop-over destination known only for its food and shopping centres with a campaign specifically targeting Australians.
Taglined ‘Get Lost and find the real Singapore’, a TV ad opens with an elderly Singaporean woman who says, “Hey you Aussie, you think Singapore’s got no tradition? Get lost!”
A scene follows showing a food-tossing custom known as ‘lo hei’, which neighbouring Malaysia claims to have started.

Singapore’s new advertising campaign tells Australians to ‘get lost’ as the city state strives to shed its reputation as a safe stopover destination good only for shopping and food. The campaign tagline is ‘Get Lost and find the real Singapore’. The ad will run in cinemas, supported by digital and PR.

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