Skiddoo – New Airfare Search Site Launched Today

Quick review on Skiddoo, a new airfare search engine launched today. Looks good, easy-on-the eye. Works fast, sources product from Sabre. Advertises “cheapest fares” but are they? I did one quick airfare search comparison: Sydney-Athens return.

Results were quick, well-displayed and efficient.

Tested against Jetbroad, same dates in April … $1799 one stop on Etihad vs $1631 for Jetbroad Air China and Luftshansa, three stops.

Good start. Relevant result, good price.

Could be a valid competitor for the incumbents.

But can it get the airtime though needed for success?

The press release claimed founder Mirza Juddani has devised a “cutting edge web and social media strategy”.

However the company’s PR refused to discuss details.

It needs something different to gain traction because this is a tough category with major entrenched competitors including Webjet and Jetabroad.


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2 thoughts on “Skiddoo – New Airfare Search Site Launched Today”

  1. Nup, nothing cut-through about it.

    Tested: Newcastle – Melb (one way). First result is a Qantas flight to Brisbane then reconnect Brisbane to Melb – depart 7.30am arrive 1.15pm. A stupid result. In fact not one practical result on first page (18 choices). Breaks usability convention by not presenting flights in price order and/or departure time.

    Sliders offer little practical function beyond gimmick. E.g. Price slider shows my range is $109 to $1,117 (which visitor from their brilliant social media strategy is ever going to pay $1117 for Newcastle to Melbourne?! – why even show it?)

    At a guess the problem is Sabre data. At a guess I would say the Departure/Arrival time slider is not actually a solution to a user problem – it’s a solution to the data problem because they can’t prevent a simple db query from returning results that turn what should be a simple 2 hr direct flight into a potential 20hr homer-esq odyssey.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Thank you for taking the time to review our website.

      We are constantly updating our website as to offer the best user experience for our customer, this includes functionality of the website, price, and optimisation of search results. As you know this is a complex task and we have an amazing team of people working on it.

      The sliders do come in handy, particularly for international searches when there are many carriers involved. Filters are used for finding your exact flight, every traveller is different, some are price conscious while others are worried about departure/landing times and other such factors. We believe that the filters are a great way to narrow your search results as to find a flight that suits your travel requirements.

      Sabre has been a great partner, they have extensive knowledge in travel search and we are working closely together to optimise Skiddoo search results.

      Personally for Skiddoo, we are all about the customer; we are listening to what our users are saying and improving our website regularly. So keep watching us and hopefully we can achieve the best user experience for our customer.

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