Snow Joke – Skiing Is (relatively) Cheap says Snow Australia

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How much?

Snow Australia and Roy Morgan Research are  making the astonishing claim that a domestic ski trip costs an average of $123 per person per day. It’s an amazing statement when you consider that adult lift tickets alone cost at least $100, accommodation in or near the snow is expensive, there’s the need to eat, plus gear hire, petrol for the trip down, National Park entry etc. If anyone can show me how to have an Australian ski trip for $123 a day, please get in touch. PS: The research claims the average length of stay is 9.4 days, which will no doubt surprise operators who generally work on a seven night guest cycle.

    • Update 8/7/13: A study by TripAdvisor which compared the cost of one night’s accommodation, one day ski pass and ski hire, a meal and a beer found that Thredbo offered the best value in Australia at $649.78. That’s more than five times the Snow Australia/Roy Morgan estimate.
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2 thoughts on “Snow Joke – Skiing Is (relatively) Cheap says Snow Australia”

  1. What a load of bollocks ! 9.4 days.. are they on something ? I have been in this business for ten years.. and you would have to go back double that time to get anywhere near that sort of cost.

  2. Sorry is everyone camping in their cars!

    I’m with Eric B/shit.

    We just forked out $2.5K for the family(4) tickets + hire gear +Kids lessons for 5 days at PB, thats before accommodation and food! We worked out we could ski OS minus the flights (of course) for that money!

    If your local and live near the resorts, yes probably is a figure close to $123 per day, but the majority of population live in capital cities! So the expense of travel, accommodation must be factored into such wild assumptions!

    Roy Morgan better get their heads out of the snow!

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