Snowy Thredbo Winter Season Boosts AHL Result

The ski industry is a simple business. If it snows, you do really well. If it doesn’t times are tough, as they were for Thredbo in 2013, a poor season stalked by rain.

But 2014 was a different story: plenty of snow at the right times brought the crowds, resulting in a $7.8m (or 85.4%) profit uplift for Thredbo - Powder Bowlthe Snowy Mountains resort.

In turn, this propelled a 21.8% profit increase for owner Amalgamated Holdings (AHL)of $51.2m for the six months to Dec 31, 2014.

“The significant profit uplift reflects the outstanding 2014 ski season in Thredbo (where) skier numbers increased by 15.1%,” MD David Sergeant said.

AHL also reported its hotels are doing well in steady fashion with both rates and occupancy increasing by just over 2%.

Meanwhile, AHL’s cinema business was soft due to a weak film slate in the first quarter.

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  1. Amazing, they didn’t mention the millions they poured down the drain in legals trying to steal the name Thredbo

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