Sunshine Coast SloganThe tools may have changed but key messaging has not when it comes to destination marketing. In 1940 the Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company coined the phrase ‘7 miles from Sydney and 1000 miles from care’ to promote Manly, a ferry ride across the Harbour from Sydney’s CBD. Now, 72 years later, the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane, Queensland, has come up with: ‘So Close, But A World Away’.

CEO of Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd, Steve Cooper says, “So Close, But a World Away, targets all potential travellers to the Sunshine Coast, but in particular the crucial drive market within a 3 hour radius that is geographically so close, but where visitors can escape to a world away from the everyday.”

The jargon may have changed but the message remains the same. And so it should because the customers on your doorstep are definitely the low hanging fruit that must be picked wherever possible. Tourism marketers that don’t do that should be in another profession.

But will ‘So Close But a World Away’ have the longevity of ‘7 miles from Sydney and 1000 miles from care?’, which still rides high in the Sydney consciousness. Hard to see that happening.

It brings to mind another cliche, ‘First in Best Dressed’.

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