logo Australian-Bureau-of-Statistics photoIt seems outrageous (to me at least) but the Australian Bureau of Statistics has made a decision – which to this point has had virtually no publicity – that it will not release any fresh hotel performance data for more than 12 months.

They’ve gone into hotel hibernation. The next report isn’t due until 19 December, 2014 – a gaping info gap for everyone who depends on or refers to the official stats for performance bench-marking.

The reports, containing average  occupancy and rate, have been coming out every three months since the year dot.

In a low-key statement, at the base of the most recent quarterly report, the ABS announced it was switching to a financial yearly regime (no doubt to cut costs).

But they will be out of date and irrelevant by the time they drop.

Some of those stats will be 18 months old when they get a public airing six days before Christmas 2014.

The previous lag was a still annoying 2-3 months but at least they came regularly.

They were also representative of the entire accommodation industry; not just the 4-5 star hotels that private data companies specialise in.

The official ABS announcement read:

“This release of June quarter 2013 data is the last of the quarterly data collection and release activities for the STA. The collection frequency of the STA (HAS) moved from quarterly to annual, on a financial year basis.

“The next release of STA data will be on 19 December 2014 and will include the four quarters of the 2013-14 financial year, that is September quarter 2013, December quarter 2013, March quarter 2014 and June quarter 2014.”

Can’t wait.

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