Expedia boss Dara Khosrowshahi says the online travel giant is “going through an interesting stage in our evolution.

“Over the past five years most of the staff growth has been coming in product and IT.

“Now we’ve turned our attention to increasing staff on the supply side.”

In North America he said staff numbers in this area have increased more than 75% in recent times.

This is paying significant dividends with the number of hotels directly contracted directly with Expedia companies increasing substantially with revenue growing accordingly.

He said it’s “been to good to make that change” and that Expedia will continue to be aggressive in this area through 2015.

Mr Khosrowshahi, speaking to journalist’ at Expedia’s recent partner conference in Las Vegas, also said the company’s many websites would continue marketing aggressively.

At present Expedia spends almost 50% of its revenue on sales and marketing – a percentage that’s been consistently growing for many years.

He said the spend is higher in developing markets and plays a crucial role in building brand.

“We’re playing for the next 10 years,” Mr Khosrowshahi said.

As for sales  and marketing spend levelling off – don’t hold your breath.

“I think there is a theoretical cap but we’re not even close to it.”

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