ASHG - Blackman 181 x 185Art Series Hotels has created some of the smartest hotel marketing ever to be done in Australia (think the witty yet grounded ‘Steal Banksy‘ effort). Much respect.

But their new campaign makes me uneasy. On first glance Find Your Inner Muse – which “explores how an Art Series Hotel experience inspires the guests who stay there” – appears superficial, like a Vogue fashion shoot. A second glance confirms this.

Super-slick, over-styled images of beautiful young women in various stages of abandon.

There’s no men. Because they have no men guests? Or women are their target market? Or women are more desirable, because that what’s this whole thing is about – desire. But the answer is moot.

Who cares, it doesn’t matter. The whole thing left me cold, and puzzled. In the past Art Series Hotels demonstrated that its link to the art world is a very real thing and were able impart that into its advertising and marketing, which had a genuine tone.

This time, however, it looks 100% manufactured.

Maybe the issue is that they’ve tried to make art rather than just come up with a great marketing idea.

The campaign was created by Art Series Hotel Group and Toben Design. The photographs were taken by Adam Taylor.

Katja Hartung, Director of Toben Design, says the campaign “is an interesting illustration in the shift of the media landscape (that) will predominantly play out in the digital space and aim to portray more emotion than a traditional brand campaign.”

ASHG - Olsen hero shot

ASHG - Blackman hero shot

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