Schoolies on the Gold CoastSurfers Paradise on the Gold Coast remains easily the most popular destination for the end of education party binge known as Schoolies, according to, which already has 20,000 ‘Glitter Strip’ bookings for 2015.

“Reports that Schoolies are abandoning the Gold Coast are very much at odds with what we are experiencing – it has always been the number one destination and always will be,” said CEO Matt Lloyd.

“We have had record Gold Coast bookings for the first few weeks of February with some 20,000 Schoolies already locking in their 2015 holidays, putting us in the vicinity of 30,000 schoolies descending on Surfers Paradise at year’s end.”

He said the Gold Coast attracts 90% of schoolie bookings.

“There will always be a small proportion of schoolies who seek out less traditional holidays, and our spike in Bali holidays supports this, however the vast majority want to come to the Gold Coast.”

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