There’s no question that Webjet has been outperforming Wotif on profit and share price growth in recent times but when it comes to converting visitors into money, Wotif still wins hands down. According to Experian Hitwise stats from July, Wotif had 3.1m visitors to its site, while Webjet was close behind with 2.8m visits.

Webjet has just reported a net profit for the financial year of A$13.6m, up 24%. Wotif is predicting a net profit of between A$55m and A$57.7m, which it will announce next Wednesday. No wonder Webjet, which makes virtually all its money from airline booking fees, is making a move into the hotel space.

It’s a great way of generating extra earnings from what, according to Experian Hitwise research, is a largely static domestic customer base for Webjet. Hitwise says Webjet site visits for July increased just 1% year on year while Wotif’s traffic fell 1%, so the popularity of each site seems to have plateaued.

This is marked contrast to, which now splits the two Aussie sites in terms of visitor numbers. Experian Hitwise says’s Australian traffic has grown 77% in the past 12 months with the site recording  almost 3m visits during July.

Impressive numbers but there is no way of know how much is making because it is an American-owned company which doesn’t break out results.

PS: Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner says Wotif averages 3.6m monthly visits , Webjet 2.7m  and 1.6m ex-Australia.

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