Wine Glass Bay TasmaniaThe words viral and social media are as one. There’s a tendency to think all social media goes viral.

But as the recent #Tassie365 campaign from Tourism Tasmania demonstrates that’s not always the case.

#Tassie365 was launched three months ago in mid-April with a press headed Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Promote Tasmania to the World.

As Travel Daily reported: “The innovative pilot program aims to encourage visitors to the state to share photos on their travels using the hashtag of #Tassie365.”

But unfortunately that hasn’t happened.

As of yesterday there were just three Twitter tweets using #Tassie365 while one intrepid social media animal had posted under that hash tag on Instagram.

Not a good look for all involved.

In this case perhaps it truly is viral – ie: too dangerous to touch.

Fortunately a related campaign for #cradle365 – supported by signage at Cradle Mountain – has worked much better with 668 images posted on Instagram with dozens more on Twitter.


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