Australia’s hotel lobby has called on the Federal, State and Local governments to bring the sharing accommodation economy under control through a new licencing system.

In very dry terms, Tourism Accommodation Australia has lashed out at the likes of Airbnb, which it has been campaigning against for some but with little  impact.

“We are not against the ‘sharing’ economy, but we are opposed to the ‘taking’ economy, where unregulated commercial short-term accommodation providers take lots of money without meeting their obligations to guests, the community and the wider economy,” said TAA Chairman Martin Ferguson.

Like Uber, Australian government at all levels has been slow to react with no regulation over the booming sector.

Airbnb, for example, has gone from zero rooms in Australia to more than 35,000 in just a few years.

Hoteliers are irate that Airbnb hosts don’t have to pay as much tax as them yet are competing for the same  customers.

“To prevent misuse,” TAA says, “there will need to be an organised system of licencing, which can be administered at a local government level.”

“All sharing economy channels will be required to ensure that all rooms listed on their sites have a valid licence number, indicating that they are compliant with Australian laws and have in place consumer protections.”

Good luck with that. Government has no idea.

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