Scott Blume from Wotif Group at No Vacancy 2013Wotif CEO Scott Blume, pictured, has attacked the OTA tax slug proposed by the Accommodation Association of Australia. “This is just nuts,” he said today.

“The proposal they are talking about and the reasons behind it are crazy and absurd.” Wotif already pays too much tax, Mr Blume claimed, and spent more than $13m on tourism marketing in the last half of 2013.

“I don’t think there’s any hotel group in this country putting that kind of money into marketing,” he said.

“To be lumped into this general agenda is quite ridiculous and I have spoken to some very senior hotel company executives who said they don’t agree with the proposal.”

The AAA has recommended to the federal govt that online travel agents pay a special levy to assist with tourism marketing.

Its CEO Richard Munro said hoteliers already pay billions in taxation dollars to the Federal Govt and online travel agents should pay their share.

“Let’s look at who contributes versus who does not,” Mr Munro said. “It’s a question of equity, of being equitable.”

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