Tempo Holidays has modified its proprietary software so that it is now able to offer a variable discount, and manage the booking yield, depending on the overall booking value and margin as part of its ‘Bulk Buy & Save’ initiative.  

MD Steve Reynolds said while there are similarities to dynamic packaging “it has generally been limited to certain product combo’s, in my experience (flight, car, hotel) so more like bundling to get a discount rather than real time yield management.

“Anyway, it’s probably semantics, but I believe in the wholesale space it’s a first where we are looking to play to our strengths by offering all arrangements, rather than just undercutting those easiest to sell (accomm, air and car) by also including cruise, sightseeing and complex packages into the product mix.

The development has taken about 6 weeks to write and test, and the feedback we are receiving from agents is extremely positive, as it rewards the efficiency of keeping a booking with a single supplier rather than trying to find the cheapest unit price for each element.”

Meanwhile, Keith Prowse, which claims to be the world’s oldest entertainment travel agency, has launched an online booking portal, http://www.keithprowse.com.au/, which uses the the Innstant Group technology platform.

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