Want to become “A citizen of Expedia” or “Do really cool things that matter” at Google?

Perhaps you’d prefer to join Facebook (“#1 place to work”) where: “Our mission is to make the world more open and connected and the people who work here really believe that.”

Still doesn’t sound important enough? Then re-consider Google, which wants “people that think about our users and want to change the world”.

All three companies – Expedia, Google and Facebook – are now looking for senior travel executives here in Australia.

Google is after a Head of Travel, Facebook wants to employ a Client Partner Financial Services and Travel, while Egencia, the corporate arm of Expedia, is looking a Managing Director of Australia.

They look like good jobs but  talent is thin on the ground, especially for fastidious, particular companies like these.

Google for example is notorious for demanding the highest possible educational qualifications and doing repeated interviews (up to 10 times) with candidates, some of whom don’t even get the job after all that.

So progressive companies, especially in the digital space, are doing everything they can to convince prospective employees that their company is the best.

Expedia, Google and Facebook have each produced corporate profile video to entice prospects.

These videos (see them below) have a number of common aims which are to convince job-seekers that the company in question:

  • Is not really a company. Just a great bunch of smart people hanging out together each day.
  • That they are changing the world (one mouse-click at a time).
  • That staff are not employees but citizens (sounds a little creepy).
  • That they are not doing a job, but are on a mission (like an astronaut).

Does it work?

It must, what do you think?

Here are the videos:

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