Jane Dent, Tourism New Zealand

Jane Dent, TNZ

 STRANGE approach to Public Relations from Tourism New Zealand which has just put out a trade release headlined: “The Media Is Dying – What’s In It For Us?’ Talk about biting the hand that still feeds you. 

Jane Dent, Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager International PR, told the Inbound Tour Operators Council that traditional media is on its last legs with more than 24,000 journalists and media professionals losing their jobs in recent times. 

“But that’s an opportunity for all of us to push our own content into the media,” said Dent.

She said because of the “demise traditional media, international media outlets are desperate for content and Tourism New Zealand has moved in to meet that demand” presumably by planting or contributing stories to old media outlets too weak and feeble to pay their own writers.

Of course, this has been happening for a long time, it’s just been the media’s dirty little secret. Not any more.

What the point of Dent and Tourism NZ going public on this?

No idea but clearly relationships with will be harmed, which is the antithesis of good PR across all mediums.

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