There Will Always Be A Practical Internet Tim

Blogger Tim Hughes, for whom the internet is a passion, writes he was surprised by revelations at TRAVELtech that many people use the internet for practical reasons only. “My guess is that the parallel inter-verse is temporary. That functional only internet use will fade away”. Interesting thought but one I disagree with. This assumes we all have the same needs, practical and emotional. Never has been the case, never will be. 

People are different. They do different things at different stages of their lives. Catch up with friends when single, bunker down with the family when married. Internet usage patterns will mirror this, even when today’s 12 year olds start having kids.

Also, social media for many users is actually practical media, supplanting phone calls and emails to organise assignations – meet you at the pub etc. The fact is young people will always have more time to waste, middle-aged people have none to spare, while older folk will act young all over again…

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One thought on “There Will Always Be A Practical Internet Tim”

  1. Martin and Tim are both right.

    My Tradie friends will agree that the internet is a chore, like phoning a plumber or visiting the bank or travel agent. Internet time is never leisure time.

    I do believe that functional only internet use will approach near zero within another 2 generations. It will never reach zero. Just like TV. Grandpa only watches it for the news. Doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.

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