Your Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel deserve a reward!
We believe that this platform is a truly inspiring space where you can share your ideas and check out ideas submitted by others, but we’d like to take it even further. We want to help you make your idea happen, contributing to a Brighter, Bolder, Better travel experience.
Anyone can win, all you have to do is submit your idea(s) on how you think the travel experience could be improved. Your idea could win in one of the following two categories:
First prize: € 20,000 awarded to one idea selected by the judging panel.
The five ideas which receive the highest number of votes through this site will receive € 2,000 each.
See Terms and Conditions for more information.
Note: Amadeus employees will not be eligible for the cash prizes. We invite everyone to vote, comment, and share these ideas however, as there will also be internal competition. All Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas are welcome.
Judging panel
The judging panel is made up of 3 Amadeus executives and 4 industry experts. They will review the Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for travel submitted through this microsite and will select the winner of the € 20,000 cash prize, with the objective of helping the idea owner make their idea happen.
Amadeus has put up €20,000 prize for for the best idea they receive on to how improve the travel experience. But time is running out to enter the competition – dubbed Brighter, Bolder, Better – with entries closing on May 18. Click through for details.
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