red-tapeEVERYONE has an opinion about Tourism Australia and the job it does in marketing our country to the world. 

While those opinions vary, and many in recent years tend toward the negative, no-one will deny it’s an incredibly tough job with all the politics and bureacracy being a government funded enterprise entails. Change is tough.

Just how tough I found out the other day (after clearing a couple of bureaucratic hurdles) on checking out a Request For Tender Tourism Australia is currently running for strategic consultants and market research agencies.

The tender document is 45 pages of legal gobbledegook that would make any sane person run a million miles.  A company could spend days filling it out and still get nowhere. 

Which surely means a lot of prospects would simply focus on the job at hand and ignore the tender, leaving the field open to large operators, ie the incumbents, who have the staff to do this kind of work.  

That would surely defeat the purpose of opening up to new blood. 

On this evidence, you have to feel kind of sorry for the people at Tourism Australia – whose ability to do their job appears to be severely restricted by the politics of their job.

Doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion, however.

If you’re still keen, the RFT document can be found at reference # TA144/2009.

The tender closes on December 11.

PS: For a insanely good example of how Government tenders can go wrong, check out this story from the Daily Telegraph. Someone got the deal of a lifetime – and it wasn’t tax payers.

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