A study released today claims that for “every incremental $1m spent on international tourism marketing, up to $16m in spend is generated by foreign tourists and 89 additional jobs created”.

Produced by Webber Quantitative Consulting for Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA), the report investigated the impact of marketing spend on inbound tourism into Australia.

It estimated that a $10m increase to the inbound marketing and promotional budget would boost international visitor numbers by up to 72,500, lift tourist expenditure by between $130m to $160m, and increase the number of tourism and hospitality jobs by over 1800.

Between A$36m and $45m of the increase in tourism spend would go to the accommodation sector, the report said.

TAA  Managing Director, Rodger Powell, said “these figures make it clear that the investment in tourism marketing has a significant direct impact on the hotel sector and an even larger benefit for the wider economy through the multiplier effect.”

He added: “This report highlights the importance of advocacy to Government by the hotel and tourism sector. “

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